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IMLS provides a safe environment.
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Custom Camps

IMLS has experience setting up remote camps for as little as 10 personnel and as many as 3000 for companies all around the world. We can provide hunting camps, family camps, construction camps, base camps, fire camps or any type of camp that you may require. No matter what size camp you need or where you want your camp to be, IMLS will work with you to design a custom camp that meets all of your needs.

Call us to today at 520.471.0218 to tell us about your project and find out how IMLS can help you plan, set-up and manage a camp that runs safely and efficiently.

IMLS only uses national and state listed caterers, shower operators, water tender contractors and other emergency service providers who are extremely knowledgable of safety and health regulations. This reduces the potential for health and sanitation problems in the camp.

Learn more about IMLS Camp Facilities and Camp Services.