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IMLS provides a safe environment.
About IMLS


IMLS can provide as much or as little service and support as you desire. We do everything from planning, setting up and managing your camp to simply acting as a consultant on your project.

Services we can provide include:

‣ Consulting
IMLS has over 157 years of combined experience planning, setting-up, working-in and managing camps. If you or your company are looking to build or manage a camp on your own and don’t know where to start, IMLS will be happy to be a consultant on your job. Call us anytime to discuss how IMLS can help you plan and run a safe, efficient camp. Rate schedules are available upon request.

‣ Design and Layout
Whether you need a hunting camp for 20 people or a fire camp for 250, IMLS can help you design and set-up a camp to specifically meet your needs. IMLS will work closely with you to help you determine everything you need for your camp from how many generators you need to where to put the rest rooms and sleeping quarters. We will help you find facilities for temporary living quarters as well as sanitary facilities and waste disposal contractors. IMLS will make sure that you have everything you need to run a safe, efficient camp.

‣ Mobilization and Set-Up
IMLS will make sure that all of your equipment, supplies and personeel are ready and onsite to set up your new camp. This includes equipment and personnel to operate the camp as well as contractor personnel and equipment to do the construction project if it is to be a construction, base or man camp. Our goal is to have your camp up and running with basic service in 24 hours or less. Items such as a complete electrical power system and sleeping accommodations may take longer depending on the size of the camp.  Our caterer will be ready to serve a hot meal the first evening on the first day of their arrival. The shower and potable water contractor is usually in operation within 24 hours of arrival.  IMLS will set up everything from digging the water lines and hooking up the generators to building the bulletin boards and placing the trashcans.

‣ Operational and Custodial
During the camp, IMLS logistics and facilities managers will be on site to manage the daily operation and maintenance of the camp. We will supervise the caterer, shower and potable water contractors and work directly with the solid waste, gray water and black water disposal contractors. We will make sure that sleeping quarters are clean and the trash is emptied.

‣ Demobilization and Teardown
At the end of the contract IMLS will dismantle the camp and pack everything up for shipment back to the staging area or point of origin. We will take care of all the final details including everything from the return of rental equiment to paying final personnel wages.

‣ Site Restoration
Finally, after the camp is dismantled, IMLS will return the camp site to it's original condition before the camp was built. In most cases the land used for the camp belongs to someone: the federal government, state government, a tribe, or a private individual or organization. The owner usually insists that the evidence of the camp be removed and be restored to it's original pristine nature. That could involve moving earth,  loosening up the soil, replanting native grasses and shrubs, picking up any trash or litter, removing traces of roads or pathways, etc. IMLS will use the necessary equipment and operators to complete the reclamation process.