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IMLS provides a safe environment.
About IMLS

What we do

Construction workers, firefighters and many other people spend long hours working outside in harsh, remote environments. At the end of a hard day everyone is tired, hungry and in need of a shower. Some have to commute several hours to get home and others must spend the night on site. Tired workers can lead to a loss of production and enhanced safety problems.

IMLS provides a safe, clean and secure environment to meet peoples basic needs when working in the field.

We provide people in remote environments with:

• Nutritious, tasty meals including a hot breakfast, a sack lunch
and a hot dinner.
• Restrooms and hot showers
• A place to relax and watch TV
• A safe place to get a good night sleep

IMLS can provide as much or as little service and support as you desire. We do everything from planning, setting up and managing your camp to simply acting as a consultant on your project. Our company is available to set up and run camps for 10 to 250 personnel. Larger packages are also available.

IMLS can take care of you and your crews so you are well rested, well fed and ready for the next day on the job. We believe our services will be reflected in the safety records of your construction project.

IMLS only uses national and state licensed caterers, shower operators, water tender contractors and other emergency service providers who are extremely knowledgable of safety and health regulations. This reduces the potential for health and sanitation problems in the camp.

Learn more about IMLS Camp Facilities and Camp Services.