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IMLS provides a safe environment.
IMLS Services

IMLS Facilities

IMLS can provide all the facilities needed to set-up your remote camp. We have many contacts with national and state licensed contractors who are extremely knowledgeable of all safety and health regulations. The use of national and state licensed caterers, shower operators, water tender contractors and other emergency service providers reduces the potential for health and sanitation problems in the camp.

Facilities we can provide include:

‣ Caterer and Meals
IMLS hires national and state licensed caterers. We provide kitchen facilities and dining tents. Meals include a hot breakfast, a sack lunch and a hot dinner. Meals for each camp are nutritionally balanced and we determine calories for the day by the activity the camp is supporting (for instance a fire camp supporting a wildfire would require 9000 calories a day whereas a hunting camp or a construction camp would require 4500 calories per day). Our caterer will be ready to serve a hot meal the first evening on the first day of your arrival.

‣ Modules
IMLS can help you find modules or alternative facilities for office space, sleeping quarters and recreation facilities. We can work with you to determine the type, size and quantity of the modules you will need for your camp. If you choose to use construction modules to house your personnel we will help locate and order them. Some state and county agencies forbid the use of construction modules to temporarily house workers. If that is the case we will help you find and contract RVs, mobile bunkhouses or alternative facilities.

‣ Waste Removal and Toilet Services
IMLS subcontracts solid and liquid waste removal as well as the disposal of gray water and black water. IMLS will work with these contractors to supervise waste removal and ensure gray water is pumped out and disposed of as often as necessary. Toilet services can range from the traditional construction site portable toilets to more elaborate "comfort stations" with air conditioning and sinks with running water. "Comfort stations" are higher maintenance and require electricity and potable water service.

‣ Communications
IMLS works with Alltel and Verizon to obtain a "Communications Tower on Wheels" (COW) for your job site at little or no cost. If a COW is not available we can provide an alternative temporary contract communications site. Direct TV and Internet access are included in the communications services.

‣ Custodial Services
IMLS can subcontract custodial services for comfort stations and modules associated with the project as a negotiable contract item. Laundry services can be provided as needed.  

‣ Electricity
IMLS can provide and hook-up a complete electrical power system including power generators and lights sets. We will work with you to determine the number of generators and lights needed at your camp. IMLS will also ensure that the generators and light sets are fueled every other day and that the lights are turned on each evening and turned off each morning.

‣ Water
IMLS can help you find a nationally or state licensed potable water and Water Pressure Services for your camp and supervise these contractors

‣ Shower Operators
IMLS subcontracts nationally and stated licensed shower operators to provide showers with hot running water..

‣ Fuel
IMLS can help you find fuel truck services to provide fuel for all the camp vehicles, generators and lights.

‣ First Aid, Security and Fire Protection
IMLS will contract with the local law enforcement agency to provide security for the camp. Private security firms can be hired if local law enforcement is not available. Local Fire Departments will be contacted for First Aid Response. Wilderness Responders and Emergency Medical Technicans can be hired if desired.